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Lyme Disease Awareness Month


πŸ’– What is Lyme Disease? πŸ’–
Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection spread to humans via infected ticks. There are early symptoms and late symptoms. Early Symptoms include a rash (looks like a bullseye) alongside flu-like symptoms (fatigue, muscle&joint pain, headaches, fever and stiffness). Late symptoms are swelling of the joints, brainfog, paralysis of facial muscles, severe headaches, increased sensitivity to light.

πŸ’™ Who can get it? πŸ’™
Mostly people who live in woodland or heath areas are more at risk of developing Lyme disease. Ticks become more common in late spring, summer an autumn. There is no specific demographic. In the USA, it is most likely to contract lyme disease if you live in the north east or upper midwest!

πŸ₯ Statistics πŸ₯
It’s estimates there are up to 3k cases of Lyme Disease in England and Wales each year. 15% of cases occur abroad! There are approximately 300,000 cases of Lyme Disease in America.

✨ Famous People with Lyme Disease ✨
– Avril Lavigne
– Alec Baldwin
– George W. Bush
– Ben Stiller
– Ashley Oksen

πŸ’• Helpful Info and Links πŸ’•
Donate (Β£) –

Donate ($) –

Lyme Disease UK
Lyme Disease Challenge
Lyme Disease Association of Australia

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