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World IBD Awareness Day!


19th May 2016.

πŸ’œ What is IBD? πŸ’œ
IBD is short for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It is a term to describe two conditions known as Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and Crohn’s Disease (CD). They are both long term conditions. UC only affects the colon (large intestine) while CD affects the whole digestive system, from the mouth to anus. They are quite difficult to diagnose so if this is the problem it’s called indeterminate colitis. The main symptoms of both are; swelling, pain and cramping of the abdomen, diarrhoea/blood in stools, weight loss, chronic fatigue. However not everyone will get every symptom and may get vomiting, anaemia and a fever. The causes are unclear but there are two strong theories; Genetics and Immunodeficiency (the immune system is not working or attacking healthy tissue.) There is no none cure but can be maintained with medication.

🌸Who can get it?
It usually diagnosed in early teens but can affect anyone of any age.

πŸ₯ Statistics πŸ₯
146,000 people in the UK with UC and 115,000 with Crohn’s Disease. 1 million Americans and 2.5 million Europeans are thought to have an IBD.

πŸ‘‘ Famous People with IBD πŸ‘‘
John F. Kennedy (UC)
Marvin Bush (UC)
Anastacia (CD)
Shannen Doherty (CD)

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IBD HealthCentral

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