Invisible Illness

Skype Group Discussion Chat!

It was decided that a possible group skype call would be cool for people to get to know eachother! We found this idea from a chronic illness foundation and thought hey why not! This group is open to our discussion members, our blog lovers & instagram followers so please be aware there are only a set amount of places we can give out!
• • • •
You can discuss illnesses, ask questions, talk about anything! Preferably people would have to be on video but you don’t have to of course! (You can answer a video call but turn off your camera and mic!)
• • • •
Other rules:
– There is no such thing as TMI.
– Do not be ignorant. Someone’s opinion may be different from yours. An admin will message you if you bully someone.
– No discussing self harm/religion.
– Be respectful, if someone asks a question, please anwer them.
– Do not promote anything other than your own social media.
– You may discuss drugs but be aware some drugs are illegal in certain places.
• • • •
There will be two groups on the 30th July  (Saturday UK)
• • • •
There will be more chats in the future created by admins. An admin will be in the chat at all times but may not speak. If there is anything you do not like in the chat (i.e someone is being extremely inappropriate or bullying someone) message an admin straight away.
• • • •
Group A
Time (UK TIME ZONE): 4pm – 6pm.
Group B
Time (UK TIME ZONE): 8pm – 10:30pm
• • • • • •
Sadly there is only space for 24 people within both groups (48 spaces all together!)
• • • • • •
If you wish to be a part of either or want more information, please email me ( with what group you would like to attend and your skype name! Please email me or contact me on our social media (instagram: invisibleillnessawareness / twitter: invisibleilluk)

Do not put it in the comments or anything else.
• • • •
Spaces are running out fast!
• • • •
If you wish to convert timezones. You can use:
• • • •
#invisibleillness #chronicpain #chronicillness#spoonie #spoonielife


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