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Jen’s Story #ChronicPainAwarenessMonth

As those who like our facebook page or follow our instagram, will know, is that we asked for people to get in touch and share their stories with us. This is because September is Chronic Pain Awareness Month, and in 2 weeks, starts Invisible Illness Awareness Week!

Here’s one of our stories sent in by Jenny, written by her about her life and how being diagnosed has changed her!

Hi, my name is Jenny. I am 32 years old, married, & mother of three. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a year-and-a-half ago and recently diagnosed with MS. These two illnesses have taken so much from me & have totally altered my life. I was an avid runner before getting sick. I was very active in my children’s school/sports activities & now I have to totally rely on my amazing husband to help with everything. Although my chronic illness has stolen so much from me, it has also put a lot into perspective. I never take a good day for granted. I am now so thankful for the good moments in my life, no matter how small they may be. I am on quite a bit of medication for fibro and going to start meds for MS soon. I am extremely thankful for my wonderful husband and family who give me a tremendous amount of support. I hope they find a cure for us all.
Much love,
Jenny can be found on instagram at @j_e_double_n_to_the_y !

Want to be featured just like Jenny? Then please get in touch! More information can be found on our facebook page, but heres a little summary!


  • Email us at with your story! (preferably a word count of 2000/3000. Minimum 1500 words)
  • Please include your social media (including blog, snapchat etc, whichever you wish people to find) as we can link back to you and help others find you!
  • Try to refain from triggers in your post. It is fine to mention the hard times you have been through, but try to not include too much detail as it may become a trigger for someone.

We will try to email you back as soon as possible, and we will also send you the direct link to your post! All our blog posts are shared on social media, if you’d prefer us not to, then please let us know as people have the right to withdraw at any time. We can also do anonymous stories, but please let us know this before hand!


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