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Rachel’s Story #InvisibleIlnessAwarenessWeek

As those who like our facebook page or follow our instagram, will know, is that we asked for people to get in touch and share their stories with us. This is because September is Chronic Pain Awareness Month, and in 2 weeks, starts Invisible Illness Awareness Week!

Here’s one of our stories sent in by a Rachel, written by her on her experience with IC!

Hello lovelies, my name is Rachel. I am a 22 year old social worker. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome 10 years ago, and I was also diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis earlier this year. Needless to say my lower abdomen is a bit of a battlefield for me. I never quite know the day I have ahead of me with my unruly organs.

I am young and have social expectations thrown at me often. Things such as partying, frequent socializing, or socializing for long periods of times. This is not always possible as I am constantly fatigued, would probably rather be under a heating pad, or I am busy using the bathroom up to 60 times a day. This list of invisible symptoms often leaves me feeling isolated and unsociable.I often look very put together and give all the energy I have, so people are usually shocked to hear that I have two chronic illnesses.I am often told that I “don’t look sick” or they “hope I recovery soon.” I am a master at hiding my pain, because I have always had to. I also will never recover. I sometimes throw some sass and suggest looking up the word ‘chronic’ in a dictionary.
It is a daily fight to get through my day of work and get into bed with out completely being washed over in pain. As I mentioned earlier, my stomach bares a lot of pain and stress. I can distend several inches daily. It has always been a body part that I have tried to hide and ignore. I recently tattooed my belly as a peace offering with myself. I am working on loving me. I mean all of me, flaws, illnesses, and all.
All of you are spoonie babes and I hope we all find the peace and healing we need.
xoxo Rachel
You can find Rachel on instagram and tumblr at @babyyshark

Want to be featured just like Rachel? Then please get in touch! More information can be found on our facebook page, but heres a little summary!


  • Email us at with your story! (preferably a word count of 2000/3000. Minimum 1500 words)
  • Please include your social media (including blog, snapchat etc, whichever you wish people to find) as we can link back to you and help others find you!
  • Try to refain from triggers in your post. It is fine to mention the hard times you have been through, but try to not include too much detail as it may become a trigger for someone.

We will try to email you back as soon as possible, and we will also send you the direct link to your post! All our blog posts are shared on social media, if you’d prefer us not to, then please let us know as people have the right to withdraw at any time. We can also do anonymous stories, but please let us know this before hand!




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